Some of our occupational therapy programs include:

  • Activities of Daily Living Training
  • Brain Injury
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Clinic
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Stroke Rehabilitation

Occupational Health

Our goal at Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital is to return people recovering from illness or injury to the highest quality of life possible. We understand how important it is to have employees who are able to work without pain or fear of injury.

We are committed to helping New Mexico's employers manage and reduce their work injuries and the associated costs by helping keep New Mexicans healthy and working.

Workplace health is essential to controlling the escalating cost of workers compensation and health insurance premiums. Our team of therapists and specialists is dedicated to helping employers build safe work environments and healthy employees.

Education and Prevention

Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to providing education on workplace safety, body mechanics and ergonomics to prevent injuries before they happen. We understand that prevention is safer, easier and more cost effective than rehabilitation, surgeries and other medical treatments.

Functional Testing

Matching the worker to the work through pre-work/post-offer and functional testing helps employers keep a healthy workforce throughout the entire employment lifecycle. We perform thorough and multifaceted evaluations to match the worker's physical abilities to the critical physical demands of the work.

The benefits of testing include:

  • Injury prevention
  • Empowering employees and their employers to intervene when work activities bring on symptoms or problems—before there is a need for time off of work
  • Test objectively the worker's physical abilities
  • Develop work rehab programs that increase the employee's ability to return to regular job duties

Pre-Work/Post-Offer Testing

Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital's Pre-Work Screen (PWS) is a test of a job applicant's functional ability to safely perform the physical requirements of a specific job. Functional testing may include lifting, force testing, postural tolerances, grip, push and pull, ambulation, climbing and balance abilities, and job simulations. PWS allows the employer to make hiring decisions in a legal, fair and non-discriminatory way, and it promotes a more positive relationship between employer and employee.

  • Tests are performed by trained and certified physical/occupational therapists
  • Integrates into already existing hiring process, often without added processing delay
  • Onsite/clinic-based and/or individually scheduled

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Our comprehensive functional capacity evaluation process helps return injured employees to their work or helps determine physical abilities that can keep them working. We work with a multidisciplinary team to help prevent lost time from medical absences, the cost of replacing/retraining, and keep morale high.

Our team tests, records and summarizes the physical capacity of an injured employee to help them return to work with confidence and ability.

Functional Job Analysis

Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital can help develop accurate job descriptions and design post-offer/pre-work testing.


Once there is a good job fit, employers need to keep their workforce healthy and free of injury. Workplace ergonomic assessments can help prevent repetitive use syndromes that are the leading cause of musculoskeletal disorders.

These assessments are comprehensive and include:

  • Assistance with workplace design
  • Evaluation and assistance for workplace redesign and remodels
  • Ergonomic solutions

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