Medical Oncology/Hematology Services


Experienced and compassionate care. Hematology Oncoloy Associates, PC features a skilled team of accomplished physicians who have been dedicated to diagnosing and treating cancer and blood disorders (hematology) in Albuquerque for over 37 years. Our team of medical oncologists collaborate to deliver the best cancer care using chemotherapeutic drugs and other non-surgical methods. The same state-of-the-art care is also provided for blood disorders and conditions of the lymphatic system and bone marrow.


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Medical Oncology & Radiation Oncology

The Breast Care Center's multidisciplinary team meets every week to discuss all new breast cancer cases. A treatment plan is specifically designed for each patient's individual needs. We offer medical oncology and radiation oncology consults when a patient's treatment plan requires oncology treatment. We partner with several physicians to provide radiation oncology treatment for our patients to offer the most advanced treatment in the state.

The Breast Care Center oncology services include: