Snot, boogers, phlegm and loogies are all the same thing – Mucus. Believe it or not, mucus is a good thing! It's job is to clean the air we breathe so all the yucky stuff in the air doesn't end up in your lungs.

Mucus doesn't work all by itself, it has an accomplice: Nose Hairs. No kidding!

Hairy Accomplice

Nose hairs, or vibrissae, get coated with snot and perform a tag-team against pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other junk in the air.

Snot is normally clear in color but can end up any color from yellow to brown to bright green. The color depends on what kind of junk your nosehairs and snot stopped from getting into your lungs.

Your body makes at least a cup of snot a day!

Think for a minute. How much snot have you blown out of your nose today? I'll bet it's not anywhere near a cupful. Where does the rest go? Down the back of your throat! Farther inside your nose there are realy, really small hairs called cilia. Cilia's purpose is to clean the the aftermath of the battle between snot and gunk. These hairs form a mini conveyor belt for used up snot and move it to the back of your throat. From there you either spit it out as a huge loogie, swallow it, or sneeze it out.

Speedy Sneeze

When you sneeze, your body ejects snot, spit, and pretty much anything else in your mouth and nose outwards at up to 100 miles per hour. That is a fast sneeze! All that speed and power means that your sneeze can cover a very large area in no time. That's a perfect way to spread the flu! So remember to cover your mouth when you sneeze!

Lights, Camera, ...Sneeze?

Did you know that the sneeze helped invent movies? Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, came up with the idea after watching someone sneeze. He thought if you viewed still photos quickly in a sequence, it would appear as if the subject was moving.