Natural Birthing Center

The Natural Birthing Center at Lovelace Women’s Hospital focuses on a more natural delivery, providing women who prefer to avoid medications and medical intervention a safe place where they can deliver. Because we aim to offer you a spectrum of choices, you can choose the kind of medical care you would like present during your delivery, including fetal monitoring.

It’s important to talk with your delivery team – including your family and your medical providers – about the type of delivery you would like to experience.

In addition to our hydrotherapy tubs for laboring, you may choose to use birthing balls, chairs, the side of the bed or other positions of comfort that are safest and most comfortable for you and your delivery.

Please note that some of our natural birthing options – such as the water tubs – are not advised for certain high-risk pregnancies and for women with certain medical difficulties.

Highlights of the Natural Birthing Center:

  • Four private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum rooms with hydrotherapy tubs
  • 18 private patient rooms for postpartum recovery
  • Two fireplaces create ambience in lobby areas
  • Staffed with certified nurse midwives and OB/GYNs

Each Room Features:

  • Home-like atmosphere with warm finishes and soothing colors
  • In-room sleeping accommodations for a guest
  • Wood style flooring
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Wi-Fi

Hydrotherapy Tubs

Women who choose to labor in our tubs find that the buoyancy provided by the water relieves pressure and that the constant temperature provides comfort. Additionally, the warm water facilitates a method of pain management that helps relax the patient and relax the pelvis.

Our tubs are specially designed for safety, comfort and cleanliness. They include an ozone feature that provides 200 times more sanitation than bleach. Effervescent bubbles provide heated air to the tub; you control the intensity.

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