40 under 40, Dr. Mario Leyba

Dr. Mario J. Leyba

General Surgeon
Lovelace Health System
Age: 36
Education: University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Why is New Mexico a good place for a young professional to grow and develop?

A young professional can draw from a long heritage of New Mexicans and its history and apply it to their situation with limitless imagination. It gives me a sense of pride that New Mexico does things a little differently than other places, but yet just as effective.

Do you feel your age has been as assent for your business or organization?

I think it is an asset to draw from both sides of the fence of youth and experience. I have learned most of my training from older, more experienced surgeons who often are set in their ways and resist change and inherently limit themselves to what they know. I have also had the ability to experience newer technologies waiting to be grasped and utilized and mesh them to my armamentarium of surgical skills, such as performing the first single incision robot surgery in New Mexico.

What is the best fashion advice you ever received to succeed in professional life?

An appropriately dressed physician with a confident yet humble demeanor can speak volumes toward a successful practice and make patients feel comfortable in often uncomfortable situations.

What is your motto in life?

Every journey begins with a small step, sometimes into the unknown. My grandmother once told me “Todos tienen su camino” or “Everyone has their road to follow.” Oftentimes this road is filled with diversion, confusion, and hardship, all of which ultimately must be overcome. I have realized half the battle is the journey, and the choices you make are equally as important as the destination where you arrive.

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