7th Annual NICU Reunion Comes to Lovelace Women's Hospital


Lovelace Women’s Hospital and The March of Dimes put on their 7th annual NICU Reunion on Saturday.
The event is held for babies and children who started out life in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).
Babies from the past 3 years who started out in the NICU got to play games and have fun at a carnival.
Scott and Jennifer Gross’s son, Jayden, weighed just over 3 pounds when he was born.
Jayden went to the NICU immediately.
"Going through the NICU, you're there 24 hours a day just wanting to see what your child is doing and make sure that your child is okay.  The nurse staff and the doctors, everybody is just so friendly, it becomes like a family,” said Jennifer Gross.
The event was held in the parking lot at Lovelace Women’s Hospital on Montgomery.


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More than 400 former neonatal intensive care unit residents and their families celebrated a big milestone on Saturday. Lovelace Women’s Hospital and March of Dimes hosted the 7th annual NICU reunion.  It was a chance for parents, patients and doctors to spend the day together. Those at the hospital say the reunion is a heart-warming experience for everyone involved.  Sheri Milone, CEO, Lovelace Women’s Hospital:  “It’s just really a miracle because when they come into our NICU they are tiny, you can hold them in one hand, some of them are only 24 weeks old, so it’s really a miracle to see them doing so well.”  Lovelace Women’s Hospital NICU has treated 5,000 babies since opening it in 2007.



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