Balloon Fiesta - Safety Tips from Lovelace Health System

Lovelace Health System is proud to be the Official Healthcare Provider for the 2012 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  Below is a list of helpful safety tips to help you enjoy your visit in good health:
1. Dress in layers. It is sometimes very cool in the morning, but after sunrise temperatures warm up noticeably.

2. Bring sunscreen. At a higher altitude you are at an increased risk for sunburn.

3. Bring appropriate eye protection. Bright skies and big gusts of wind are not uncommon in October.

4. Watch where you’re going. Beware of vehicles moving around the field, especially emergency vehicles trying to get through the crowd.

5. Choose a place to meet in case someone gets separated or lost. Make sure young children have some form of identification on them.

6. Don’t smoke anywhere near the balloons.  A lit cigarette and propane can be an explosive combination!

7. Limit alcohol consumption. Remember, you are at a mile-high altitude, which could increase the effect alcohol has on your body.

8. Bring a flashlight for evening events. Also, take note of where you parked your car—it’s more difficult to find in the dark.

9. Don’t "drive and watch" at the same time. The balloons are a magnificent but distracting sight. Move completely off to the side of the road to watch.

Lovelace Health System’s emergency medical professionals provide onsite emergency medical care for problems ranging from minor scrapes to heart attacks. Lovelace’s medical volunteers will be located at the Lovelace First Aid Clinic, which is located in the Public Safety Building on the Balloon Fiesta field.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

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