Celebrating Certified Nurse Day

Please join us in recognizing our certified nursing staff at Lovealce Medical Center, Lovelace Women's Hospital and Lovelace Westside Hospital on Certified Nurse Day March 19. 


Lovelace Medical Center


Wound Care

Christina Vigil

Teresa Wright

Elizabeth Weston



Yolanda Alcantar



Robin Biven

Michelle Tzanakis

Naomi Quezada



Marlene Jaramillo



Debra Werner



Carolyn Martin

Curtiss Vavra


Lovelace Women’s Hospital


Emergency Department, Certified Trauma Nurses


Carly Brandenburg, RN

Joanna Chacon, RN

Doyle Tiffany, RN

Deborah Duch, RN

Karen Foreman, RN

Deborah Fromm, RN

Kimberlee Heinrichs, RN

Kathy O’Neil, RN

Francine Ortiz, RN

Jeff Smith, RN

Bryan Velasquez, RN


ICU – Certified in Critical Care Nursing


Karen Celum, RN, CCRN

Vern Wood, RN, CCRN

Ostomy Management Specialist

Heidi Scheldberg, RN, OMS

Victoria Tellier, RN, OMS


Inpatient Obstetric Nursing

Mutete Bloomfield, RNC-OB

Christine Cooney, RNC-OB

Patricia Deweese Anaya, RNC-OB

Melanie Donahue, RNC-OB

Glenda Gaitan, RNC-OB

Collen Lamb, RNC-OB

Amy Macleod, RNC-OB

Mara Mannarino, RNC-OB

Valarie Moore, RNC-OB

Beverly Morrison, RNC-OB

Laura Pierce, RNC-OB

Kim Dutton, RNC-OB


Certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician


Mark Holiday

Jennifer Martinez

Taylor Myers

Matthew Romero

Evangelina Saunders, Certified Surgical technologist

Myriah Aragon, Certified Surgical Technologist

Julian Bailon, Certified Surgical Technologist

Nancy Chaffee, Certified Nurse Operating Room

Nancy Hobert, Certified Nurse Operating Room

Ernie Lacy, Certified Surgical Technologist

Joshua Patton, Certified Anesthesia Technology Technician

Loren Smith, Certified Surgical Technologist

Sharon Bobst, Certified Surgical Technologist


Newborn Nursery - Certified Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse


April Benton, RNC

Linda Hart, RNC

Teri Kamphuis, RNC

Jill Lionberger, RNC

Lisa Mellor, RNC, Certified for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Nurse

Wendy Patterson, RNC

Almira Ribao, RNC, Certified Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

Dana Stewart, RNC, Certified Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse




Certified Maternal Newborn Nurse


Stephanie Chowning, RNC-BSN

Nicole Easley, RNC-BSN

Brandy Jones, RNC-ADN

Gigi Gallardo, RNC-AND

Heidi Niclas, RNC-BSN

Connie Peters, RNC-AND

Nicole Robertson, RNC-BSN

Victoria Schofield, RNC-AND

Brenda Lachniet, RNC-BSN


Stephanie Stachura – RNC-BSN

Robin Ricci, RN , CCRN Certified in Critical Care Nursing

Sue Stott, RN, CCRN Certified in Critical Care Nursing

Kelli Barnes RNC-OB

Tracy Volzer RNC-OB

Christine Cooney  RNC-OB

Stephenie Armijo RN CNOR

Ruth Roberts, RN CNOR


Lovelace Westside Hospital



Beullah Arends, CCRN

Anu Neeliyara, CCRN

Shiney Shaji, CCRN







Diane Nelson: Medical Surgical Nursing, Nurse Executive

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