Lovelace Clinic Offers Free Health Screenings

By Chaunte’l Powell/Record Staff Writer

The Lovelace Regional Hospital-Roswell is encouraging the community to be proactive about their health. In an effort to help the community take charge of their health, the Family and Urgent Care center offers wellness screenings seven days a week, free of charge.

Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer Dawn Tschabrun said a number of tests are done to get the full scope of how healthy a person really is. The screening includes body weight and vital signs, pulse, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and lab tests.

A prostate specific antigen is available for men. This blood test indicates whether that particular male is in the safe zone, or should be referred to his primary care physician for further evaluation. “Early detection of prostate cancer is very treatable,” she said. “It’s important that we let the guys know that and they get screened on annual basis.”

Cholesterol and triglyceride levels show the amount of fat in the blood. Tschabrun said that everyone has some fat in their blood, but too much will cause problems down the road especially if levels get too high and are left untreated. Individuals then become susceptible to heart attacks and even stroke.

Glucose levels show the amount of sugar in the blood. Too much sugar leads to diabetes, a disease Tschabrun said is prevalent in the area, as well as the nation. People who are overweight are not only at risk for heart disease but diabetes as well.

Smoking cessation education is also available at the clinic, which according to Tschabrun, is important because continuous smoking puts people at great risk for certain health conditions.

Tschabrun said an annual screening is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She added that people may have or be at risk for certain diseases, but are unaware of them because they show no obvious symptoms and feel they don’t need to get a check-up.

Tschabrun recommends abstaining from food or drink after midnight the day before going in for a screening. Should anything abnormal show up in the test results, the patient and primary care provider will be contacted. No appointments are necessary and screenings are done Monday –Friday 7am to 7pm, Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from noon to 4pm. The clinic is located on North Main Street and can be reached by calling 575.622.4665.

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