Lovelace Health Care Center Opens in Roswell

By Amy Vogelsang/Record Staff Writer

In order to better provide Roswell citizens with local healthcare services, Lovelace Regional Hospital-Roswell opened Lovelace Health Care Center, a new primary care clinic at 1112 N. Main St. on Thursday.

Staffed by Glenn Vogelsang, M.D., Ph.D., and Cynthia Sam-Vogelsang, a certified nurse practitioner, Lovelace Health Care Center will include preventive care, health education, long term care, chronic illness management and wellness screenings. Same-day appointments will also be available.

In opening this facility Lovelace hopes to create better access for local residents when they need health care. Currently, doctors are overwhelmed, some having as many as 6,000 patients, said Lovelace Roswell Hospital CEO Lloyd Scarrow. With so many patients and not enough doctors, the wait time for an appointment can be two to three months. They are attempting to change this by bringing in more staff and opening this center.

Lovelace has set up some long term plans including creating more beds on site, pushing out services to periphery, strengthening partnerships with lab services to have access to better screenings, gaining new technology to expand imaging capabilities and also integrating with other cities. Currently, if a patient from Roswell receives medical care in Albuquerque their primary care doctor in Roswell can still access all the test data.

“For the health plan, we’ve had many of our patients and members going to Lubbock for healthcare because of access issues,” said Chief Medical Officer John Cruickshank, DO, MBA. “And we are really trying to change the paradigm and have more people stay in Roswell and be able to gain access to the health care that they need.”

Even with the new changes, people are still seeking medical care outside of Roswell, said Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer Dawn Tschabrun. “I believe we provide exceptional care every to every patient, that’s our goal and motto,” said Tschabrun.

Another goal is to offer big city care without losing the unique personal touch of Roswell. So essentially, Lovelace wants to provide the care options of Alb. but sill keep the individuality of each patient, Scarrow said.

“It’s a challenging time for this country regarding health care,” said Lovelace President and CEO Ron Stern. “This country’s at a cross roads and we have the unique opportunity to be part of the solution to the healthcare dilemma that America faces and we are very proud to have that opportunity,” said Stern.

Lovelace plans to continue working with local physicians who add depth to the services provided, attempting to eventually be able to handle any medical issue from within Roswell.

“The bottom line is it’s the commitment Lovelace made to our community to bring additional services and providers to the community so we could stay at home,” Tschabrun said. “That was the promise. And that’s what they’ve lived up to. That’s where I believe our future is still going.”

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