Lovelace Health System Kicks Off United Way Campaign

The Lovelace United Way campaign kicks of August 20. Here are five questions with Lovelace United Way Campaign Chairman, Ron Prager.

What is the goal for Lovelace’s contribution to the United Way campaign?
This year’s goal is to exceed last year’s total by 5%.   Last year Lovelace Health System contributed $439,598.00.

What does raising money for the United Way mean for our community?

Unlike the national telethons where your majority of your donation goes to Washington and a small portion stays here in New Mexico, all funds raised stays right here in the Central New Mexico area.   Grants are awarded to programs throughout the Bernalillo, Sandoval, Valencia, Torrance and Santa Fe Counties.  

How can Lovelace employees contribute?

Lovelace employee’s can make a pledge to either the United Way Community Fund or any 501©(3) of their choosing by filling out a United Way Pledge Form.   Also, Site leaders will be holding different fund raising events for their facility.   Announcements will be made in each facility.

How will my individual contribution help?

Corporate giving can’t carry the whole load.   By limiting contributions to corporations it limits the number of programs which receive grants from the United Way Community Fund which in turn limits the number of individuals that can receive assistance from these programs.  Individual contributions will help to increase the number of programs who can receive grants which will allow more individuals to receive assistance.  Most donors report that they feel better because they are doing something to help others.

Why did you decide to lead this campaign on behalf of Lovelace Health System?

I was raised by parents who taught me that there are people who are less fortunate then myself and there may be a period of time in their life when they are going to need help or assistance.   If you can help, you do so and don’t think twice about.    That is why I got involved with United Way as a Site Leader back in 2008.  I knew that every dollar raised, whether by a corporation or individuals, increases the number of those people who can be helped.  

When asked to be this year’s Chairman, there was no hesitation.   I ran four successful campaigns as a Site Leader at both the Central Business Office the first year and at the Lovelace Health Plan the last three years, each year exceeding the prior year’s total contribution.   I feel that with my past leadership as a Site Leader and the help of this year’s Site Leaders, I can lead Lovelace to another successful campaign.


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