Lovelace Health System Statement on ACA Supreme Court Ruling

Today the Supreme Court upheld most elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), particularly the individual insurance mandate at the heart of the law.

The Supreme Court also ruled that the federal government cannot withhold current Medicaid funds if a state chooses not to participate in the Medicaid expansion. Lovelace Health System is a major provider for Medicaid patients. We will wait for the Governor’s decision on how to proceed and work with the state on continuing to offer high-quality health care to the Medicaid population.

Lovelace Health System supports the expansion of coverage for uninsured individuals and will work to ensure this outcome.  We will also continue to improve health care quality and transform the health care delivery system.

Lovelace Health Plan has already implemented important ACA provisions, including covering  preventive care, such as annual physicals, mammograms and colonoscopies, with no out-of-pocket costs; covering children up to the age of 26 through their parents’ insurance plans; and offering a simple process for patients who want to appeal when their health insurance claims have been denied. Lovelace Health Plan will continue to focus on promoting affordability and peace of mind for its members.

Lovelace Health System will continue to promote prevention and wellness, help patients and physicians manage chronic disease, and reward quality care.

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