Lovelace Supports School Supply Drive


Our annual school supply drive is in full swing and we need more donations to make sure every child in New Mexico starts the school year off right. Lovelace Health System is teaming up with us again this year. They are encouraging their patients and employees to get involved and donate as much as they can, so every child can head back to school prepared for success. Lovelace is seeing more families struggling as the school year approaches. Jessica Chavez/Lovelace Health Plan, “With the economy being the way it is there’s going to be children who are in need of school supplies.” Out KOAT school supply drive runs through August 12th. You can drop supplies off at our studios on Carlisle and Comanche or at Smith's stores, any Lovelace hospital or Lovelace Health Plan. For more information, call 1-800-678-koat or go to


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