Top 10 Lovelace Stories of 2013

As the year comes to a close, we take a look back at the stories we shared with you here on our blog and social media channels to see what tops the list. In addition to celebrating the arrivals of our youngest patients with their parents in our growing Born at Lovelace Facebook photo album, 2013 was a year marked by milestones, special recognition for our hospitals and employees and amazing community events. We enjoy connecting with you through our social media channels and appreciate your comments, feedback and suggestions. Here is what you connected with the most in 2013:

The Future of Walking

When Amanda Boxtel, Executive Director, Bridging Bionics Foundation and Dustin Berg, Founder and Executive Director, Global Opportunities Unlimited, Inc met with Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital CEO Derrick Jones in October, we had an opportunity to share a unique demonstration of technology. The Ekso is a wearable bionic suit that allows people to walk with a natural weight-bearing stride, who otherwise are not able to do so.  This technology was created to help medical facilities, like Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital, work with patients with complete or incomplete spinal cord injuries or disease and lower extremity paralysis.

Expanding Lovelace Medical Group 

Lovelace made a commitment in 2013 to build upon Lovelace Medical Group, offering patients in New Mexico better access to health care providers. We know that in addition to eating right and staying physically active, having a good relationship with your doctor is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year, we kept you up-to-date on new providers throughout the state joining Lovelace Medical Group.

A Mother’s Story

Our patients are the best voice for Lovelace and we appreciate all those who share their stories here on our blog. One particular story touched our hearts in 2013, as a mother recalled her family’s journey welcoming twins. Gavin and Ava Salazar were taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Lovelace Women’s Hospital immediately following their birth May 26, 2009. Like most families, the Salazars did not expect their babies to spend time in the NICU, especially considering their first child was born full-term and healthy. You can read the full story here.

National Recognition for Lovelace

2013 was a banner year for Lovelace Women’s Hospital, receiving their fifth nomination for Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare. The announcement was originally made in August, followed by a banquet in October, when Lovelace Women’s Hospital CEO Sheri Milone learned the hospital ranked number 3. Lovelace Westside Hospital was named a Top 100 Hospital in the U.S. by Truven Health Analytics. This recognition was proceeded by receiving Quality New Mexico Zia Award for Performance Excellence in 2012.

Charlie Miller

For forty years, Lovelace Medical Center patient transporter Charlie Miller has helped make patients and visitors feel a little more at home while at the hospital. You can often hear him before you see him, as he strums his guitar and sings down the halls and in patient rooms, lifting spirits along the way. We had to share his story and it attracted attention – even from the local media. It turns out, Charlie has developed quite a following of devoted fans!

Matters of the Heart – What is Viral Myocarditis?

When news media announced Randy Travis was hospitalized in critical condition in a Texas hospital with a heart condition caused by a virus, we wanted to provide you more information about the condition viral myocarditis. We explained what it was and how if the conditions were right, someone could contract the virus, which can weaken and injure the heart. Our Facebook followers left several uplifting comments on the post for Mr. Travis. 

World Prematurity Day

15 million babies are born too early worldwide. In the U.S. the preterm birth rate is improving, but still too high – at 11.5 percent. To help raise awareness, March of Dimes created World Prematurity Day November 17. We wanted to give our fans the opportunity to get involved and asked them to share a story if they were affected by premature birth. The response was overwhelming with stories and pictures posted. With our fans help, that post reached more than 10,000 people!

Staying up-to-date on Health News

Our blog is also a place we share important health news and information, in addition to hospital news and patient stories. When new research reveals information we believe will be helpful to our online audience, we share that information on our blog as the story is developing. One particular story, regarding reducing the risk for developing cancer with two simple steps, resonated with our audience this year. We will continue to provide useful information to keep your family healthy in 2014.

Be Happy for Your Health

Our health is affected by many factors – some we can control and some we cannot. The good news is there are small changes we can make to have a big impact on our health. For World Gratitude Day we shared a simple fact on our Facebook page. A grateful heart is a healthy heart. Research has shown a link between an attitude of gratitude and improved heart health for patients with coronary artery disease, as well as a reduced risk for stroke.  We are always happy to share good news with you!

Tips for Your Health

What is happening today that could affect your health? When extreme heat lingered in the area this summer, we posted information to help keep you safe from heat stroke. Knowing it is important to get this information out to the public, you helped share that message on social media. Reminders of health awareness tips may seem simple, but help our community think about their own health and when to pay attention to certain risks.

What do you enjoy seeing posted on our blog and social media? What would you like to see in 2014? Tell us on Facebook.

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