Mom and baby yoga classes offer unique experience

Establishing a habit of health and wellness begins at an early age. In fact, as early as four weeks old, babies are introduced to the movement of yoga through Mommy & Me Yoga classes offered by Labor of Love, a free program for expectant mothers. It is a unique opportunity for both mothers and their babies.

Local fire fighter shares story of surviving massive heart attack

Chris Serino, an Albuquerque Fire Department fire fighter, was boarding a flight home from Washington, D.C. in the spring of 2014, when he noticed a rash on his arms and legs. “I had taken an Aleve and it looked like I was having an allergic reaction,” he recalls. When he got home that evening, Chris took a Benadryl, hoping to relieve the symptoms. That next morning, however, they only got worse.

Common mistakes after weight loss surgery

Old habits. Eating the wrong food. Not exercising. What do you think are the most common mistakes patients make after weight loss surgery? Lovelace Bariatrics Director Dr. Duc Vuong says the answers might be surprising, but he says they can hold patients back from successful weight loss.

Exercise, Diet and Breastfeeding Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Live and Love. That is how I sign all my emails. I want to remember those two important practices every time I communicate with someone. February is a perfect time to reflect on living (American Heart Month) and loving (Valentine’s Day). Taking care of your heart allows you to live healthier, improve your quality of life and enjoy all those special moments as your baby grows up. 

Lovelace offers Look Good Feel Better for cancer patients

“I feel much older,” shares Jane. “I feel I’ve aged tremendously.”

“I felt very weak,” Vanessa remembers. “It was horrible.”

“It was a shock to me when I was told I had cancer,” shares Vimala. “I had no symptoms.”

Daily Coke Drinkers Could Have Added Belly Fat

Do you drink sugary drinks often? Things like coke, energy or sports drinks, fruit drinks, sweetened coffee or sweetened tea have a lot of sugar are popular choices, but recently researchers found that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages every day is associated with an increase in a type of fat called visceral fat.

Why would I consider a doula and what do they do?

 A doula is a trained professional in childbirth. She provides continuous support to a mother before, during and just after birth. The word doula comes from the Greek meaning “a woman who serves”, or “handmaiden”.

Winter coats worn in car seat pose hidden danger

Parents are learning of a risk they may unknowingly be taking every time they buckle their baby or toddler into a car seat wearing a winter coat, as a national news story is catching quite a bit of attention. In this demonstration video shown on NBC’s Today Show, a child wearing a thick winter coat becomes a projectile object in the car during a collision.

Better hand washing techniques to prevent the spread of the flu

There is no getting around: we are in the throes of flu season. You may already have a friend or family member who has come down with something unpleasant by now. It can be hard to avoid getting sick, but proper hand washing and other hygiene techniques can help prevent the spread of the flu from one person to another. This is why Lovelace Health System sponsors the “Don’t Bug Me” campaign. 

Robotic Surgery Successfully Removes Stomach Cancer

Reynaldo Ramirez, 63, remembers the day his wife, Emelina, turned to him and said, “Let’s get healthy!” Together, they changed their diet and began exercising. Within six months Reynaldo says he lost 45 pounds and got down to 200 pounds. “When I went in for my annual checkup, I expected to pass with flying colors,” he says. However, blood work revealed low hemoglobin and hematocrit (H&H) levels, because his last coloscopy was four years ago, Dr.