Set Free with Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

In 2014, it was time for Katie McClain. She had spent years hiding behind others in photos, putting off trips and coming up with reasons to avoid certain restaurant tables. There was one thing in between Katie and her life that was holding her back. “After losing almost 150 pounds, I am able to finally be myself,” she says of making the decision to have bariatric weight loss surgery. “I no longer feel confined or defined by my weight. I no longer worry about fitting in restaurant booths or rollercoaster seats. I no longer try and hide in the background or avoid pictures because of shame.

MRI Sedation now offered at Lovelace Regional Hospital - Roswell

If you need an MRI but struggle with claustrophobia or any sort of involuntary movement, you might consider having a sedation MRI. In this video, Dr. Gary Clark of Lovelace Regional Hospital – Roswell explains why. While an open MRI may be an option for patients who would be uncomfortable during a traditional, closed MRI, the open MRI offers lower resolution in the resulting images, so a closed MRI is preferable in many cases. According to Dr. Clark, the sedation MRI allows patients to be calmer, and possibly fall asleep, during a closed MRI.

Lovelace Women's Hospital gets a Mayoral Proclamation for Neonatal Nurses Day in Albuquerque

September 15 is Neonatal Nurses Day. Although it is a nationally recognized day, the City of Albuquerque had not officially recognized it until now. Eva Budzinkski, a career neonatal nurse from Lovelace Women’s Hospital, spearheaded the effort to get a Mayoral Proclamation on Neonatal Nurses Day from the City of Albuquerque. We sat down with Eva to talk about her passion for being a neonatal nurse and the importance of this day of recognition.
What is a neonatal nurse?

A Turning Point in Life with Lovelace Bariatrics

Daphne Mitchell, 35, doesn’t take an opportunity to go with friends on a short road trip outside of Albuquerque to pick wild raspberries for granted. “It blows my mind,” she says. It was a day she didn’t think was possible just a few years earlier. Walking any distance at all, let alone standing for more than five minutes, was a struggle for Daphne, who at her peak reached 530 pounds. “The doctor said I had almost bone-to-bone arthritis in both knees. He said if I didn’t lose weight that would be the least of my health concerns.”

4 tips you will want to know to keep your baby safe

September is Baby Safety Month, and although we should always be taking the best measures to ensure our little ones’ safety, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) has dedicated this month to raising awareness about the hidden hazards in our homes. 
Here are some of the tips JPMA suggests to creating a safer home for your infant: 
  1. Keep loose change, buttons, beads, and any other small items in a bucket or jar out of the reach of children. Children can easily ingest these.  

Back-to-school breakfast ideas with Lovelace resident dietician Teresa Anderson, CDE

August is National Kids Eat Right month. It also happens to be back to school month for the kids in New Mexico. Last week we wrote about the importance of nutrition in our kids’ breakfasts. Today we are going to break it down a little more simply with our resident dietician Teresa Anderson, CDE.
What happens to a child who goes to school after skipping breakfast?

New abdominal stent graft system debuts at Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center

Albuquerque, New Mexico rarely gets to claim a “world’s first” in anything, but Dr. Steve Henao, chief of vascular surgery at the New Mexico Heart Institute (NMHI), made big news when he became the first vascular surgeon in the world to use a new abdominal stent graft system at Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center.

Back To School and Back to Healthy Breakfasts

The summer is winding down and kids are getting back into the struggle of an early morning routine. Some days it feels like a victory that you got them dressed and to class on time. One part of your child’s morning which is often overlooked – but shouldn’t be – is getting a good breakfast.
Did you know that children who eat a healthy breakfast perform better in school than those who eat sugary cereal or nothing at all? Here are some specific reasons making sure a balanced breakfast is a priority for your child:

Six Tips to get your kids back to bed for back to school

Back to school time is in full swing in New Mexico, and while we are hustling to get the kiddos organized and prepped with all the essentials (like the sports physicals we talked about last week), we cannot ignore one of the most basic human needs: sleep.
We all know that getting a good night’s sleep helps you perform better throughout the day, but this is even more true for growing children learning how to perform well in school. 

Back To School Sports Physicals

It’s back to school time, a time when we have a ton of things to check off the list: new clothes, new books and supplies, getting enrolled in some fun physical sports for good exercise, and more. Before you completely check off the sports part, you want to consider getting your teenaged-child a sports physical to minimize risk of injury. 

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Over-sanitizing during cold and flu season

Are we getting too stressed over germs?

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Keeping germs at bay

Fall and winter bring sweaters, school, Canadian geese, holidays and…cold and flu season. Achoo!