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It’s bedtime. I’ve worked hard all day and my children are finally asleep. I sit back and enjoy the quiet for just a few minutes. There is some relief, but sometimes I ask myself, “Did I stop and say I love you today? Did I smile at my child today? Did we make eye contact?” My life is set on “run” every single day it seems. I wish I could find ways to strengthen my bond with my children without adding an extra activity.

Hope for Perinatal Depression - Recognizing the signs and asking for help

Most people have heard of postpartum depression (PPD). What about prenatal or perinatal depression (depression during pregnancy)? Women who have perinatal depression may feel ashamed to admit their unhappy feelings when they are in their first few months of pregnancy. Isn’t this supposed to be one the happiest time of a mom’s life? Feelings of agitation, anxiety and stress keep many women from asking for help, or from recognizing they have depression.

Three Lovelace hospitals ranked on Best Places to Work in Health Care list

We are honored to announce that Lovelace Medical Center, Lovelace Westside Hospital and Lovelace Women’s Hospital have been listed by Modern Healthcare on the Best Places to Work in Health Care as 15th, 46th and 43rd, respectively, of the top 100 organizations overall. In the provider category, Lovelace Medical Center was listed fourth, Lovelace Westside Hospital was listed 17th and Lovelace Women's Hospital was listed 16th. The rankings were announced Thursday evening in New Orleans, LA at the awards dinner.

What are some ways I can prepare for Labor and Delivery?

Preparing for childbirth is no easy task, but Lovelace Health System and Labor of Love are here to make it a little easier. Our purpose is to help you get prepared for this important time. We can guide you through major tasks such as:

Girls’ Night Out event gives back to Anita Salas Memorial Fund

For the third consecutive year, Lovelace Women’s Hospital and the Anita Salas Memorial Fund (ASMF) have teamed up together for Lovelace’s annual Girls’ Night Out event. The event is focused on awareness of breast health and wellness, all while enjoying a fun girls’ night out together! The activities for this event include mini manicures and massages, spa and jewelry vendors, a fashion show, raffle and much more.

The making of a Lovelace nurse: daughter shares mother’s influence

“My mother would run into patients at the grocery store,” shares Lovelace Regional Hospital – Roswell Nurse Andrea Lentz, RN of an early impression her mother’s career had on her decision to become a nurse. “I saw how grateful they were. I wanted a job that meant something.”

New buddy program cultivates a culture of compassion

On any given day, Borca Dodson, RN, is walking into a new, yet familiar, work environment. Most of us have one first day on the job. With each new assignment, Borca faces that experience repeatedly. As a member on the Lovelace Resource Team, Borca rotates between Lovelace Medical Center, Lovelace Women’s Hospital and Lovelace Westside Hospital. Quickly, she becomes part of a new team with one goal in mind – deliver the best patient care possible.

Endocrinology – the thyroid and beyond

Most patients begin their journey to an endocrinologist when they are referred by their primary care doctor. But many patients wonder, what is an endocrinologist and what does an endocrinologist do? For answers to these questions, let’s turn to the new endocrinologist at Lovelace Medical Group, Dr. Anita Sloan-Garcia and have her explain what she does and the conditions she treats.

A Safe Way to Protect Your Children Against 14 Diseases

Vaccines or immunizations are an essential part of living a healthy life. August is National Immunization Awareness Month, a reminder for people of all ages to get shots to protect them from serious and sometimes fatal diseases. There are helpful vaccines for all people, from birth to pregnancy and into later adulthood. Well planned vaccines can pass on immunity from mom to baby. Women who are planning to become pregnant need important vaccines to avoid complications during pregnancy and prevent certain birth defects due to diseases like Rubella, Measles and Mumps.

The Wonderful World of Breastfeeding

Once a mother gives birth, one of the first choices she makes is how to feed her baby.  A few well known facts, but always worth reviewing are that breastfeeding is cost effective, healthy for mom and baby, as well as provides a special opportunity for closeness and bonding. What else do we know about breastfeeding?

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