Anticoagulation Clinic at Lovelace Medical Center

Pharmacist and Anticoagulation Clinic Manager, Carly Cloud, recently opened the Lovelace Anticoagulation Clinic at Lovelace Medical Center after recognizing a need in the community. The clinic was launched in November to help patients manage their blood thinner therapy, while providing an accessible and experienced staff for seamless patient care. “We take walk-ins,” Carly says.

“They can be seen the same day but if they are brand-new to blood thinner medication, we need a referral to understand why they are on it and for how long they should be taking it before we can start managing their blood thinners.”

If patients have been on blood thinners, like Coumadin® or Warfarin for several years, Carly says they can test their INR (International Normalized Ratio) blood levels that day, have the results within a minute and get started monitoring and adjusting medication. The INR test is a simple fingerstick procedure performed in the clinic by the pharmacist. At that first visit, the staff will request and review the patient’s medical records from their previous or referring provider.

Most patients visit the clinic on a monthly basis. However, if medication changes are required, they may come to test their blood levels more frequently. Carly says an advantage of this clinic is being able to receive blood level results within a minute to adjust medications immediately. Carly suggests patients take the daily pill in the evening to allow for more responsive changes if needed, following their visit to the clinic.

While this clinic is new for Lovelace, Carly and her team bring nearly 10 years of experience helping patients safely manage their blood levels. “This is not new for us. The clinic is new, but our pharmacists have been doing this for many years,” she said. “We focus on making sure the patients understand their medication, during their visits or in between. We are available all day for patients to call in and have their questions answered.”

The clinic also serves out-of-town patients remotely to provide added ease and access to timely medication adjustments. They only need to visit the clinic in person for their first visit, and then establish a relationship with a local lab for regular blood level testing.  Patients can inquire at the clinic for more information.

If you have questions regarding your blood thinner medications or would like to find out more about the Lovelace Anticoagulation Clinic, please call 505-727-2850.

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