Flu Season, Interview with Dr. Iacuone

Flu season is off to an early start across the nation with some states seeing high levels already. Stuart Dyson spent the day checking with doctors about the situation in our state.

It’s the earliest flu season in a decade, the last time this happened was in the fall of 2003 when 48,000 people died in our country, check the map, Texas, right next door, other southern states are at high levels of flu activity.  Dr. Iacuone, Lovelace Health Plan: “Right now in New Mexico it’s the calm before the storm, Texas is right next door, and you see the graph it’s bright red, and the southeast corridor is in full bloom.” Dr. Joan Baumbach, State Health Department: “It’s a question of time, hospitalizations will go up which is why we are interested in people getting vaccinated now because the start is so early this year.” The flu vaccine is abundant right now and it’s a good match for this year’s strain. Who should get the flu shot?  Everyone over 6 months, pregnant women, people over 50, people with chronic heart disease, asthma and diabetes.


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