Lovelace Health System Won New Mexico’s Healthiest Employers 2013 Award


It’s not surprising that employees of Lovelace Health System are interested in leading healthier lives — but by any measure, the 93 percent employee participation rate in wellness programs among Lovelace’s Albuquerque and Rio Rancho hospitals is impressive. Lovelace offers biometric screenings and health risk assessments, and provides financial incentives for employees to remain healthy. Everyone who participates in wellness programs reduces their health premium costs; those who improve their health can earn a discount of up to $50 on their monthly premiums. Families can decrease monthly premiums by up to $100.

Lovelace’s unique wellness offerings include a running club and cycling club, and the company uses a variety of channels, including social media, to keep employees informed about wellness activities.

What’s your organization’s wellness philosophy in one sentence?
Living healthy takes focus and commitment, and we work to help our patients, members and employees choose healthy behaviors that will lead to a rewarding life.

What’s one memory from your wellness program activities that stands out for your employees?
Multiple employees have provided positive feedback about our biometric screening process done each open enrollment annually. An example of one employee’s appreciation was for a phone call made to her by the vendor who provides the screening results. The vendor received her results and immediately contacted the employee to encourage her to set up an appointment with a primary care physician. Based on this screening, the employee was able to proactively tackle a major illness that was only then beginning to show symptoms.

What is a key ingredient of an effective wellness program?

What’s the single best thing your wellness program has accomplished for your company?
Engagement, both job and organizational. Employees are taking ownership of their health, and we are providing them the tools, education and resources they need,
including on-site yoga classes, support groups, walking challenges, volunteer events, cycling and running teams, and more.

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