Lovelace Medical Center Radiation Oncology

Lovelace Medical Center’s Cancer Care program is the first in the country to have a new technology added to its TomoHD linear accelerator that further minimizes radiation doses to healthy tissue.

The technology called Dynamic Jaws is the most advanced technology on the market today to spare healthy tissue for patients undergoing radiation treatment. The patient will experience fewer side effects and decreased treatment times.

“With this new technology we can treat the patient faster,” said Paul Anthony, M.D., Medical Director of LMC’s Cancer Care Program. “It provides pinpoint accuracy for every radiation therapy patient.”  

Last year, Lovelace Medical Center’s Cancer Care program added new cancer equipment that included the TomoHD, 21iX linear accelerator and 4-D computed tomography, giving the center the most advanced cancer treatment technology in the state.

TomoHD is a radiation therapy system that can image and treat common and complex tumors with a single device. TomoHD can be used for treating breast, prostate, lung, and head and neck cancers.  TomoHD allows the radiation oncologist to deliver higher curative doses with less radiation damage to surrounding tissue.

The 21iX linear accelerator is a state-of-the art radiation therapy machine that can very accurately treat tumors, especially surface tumors, such as breast and skin cancers.

With the two new linear accelerators, physicians are able to perform stereotactic body radiosurgery (SBRT), which is a proven method for eliminating small tumors with precisely focused radiation treatment. The high doses of radiation can be delivered in just five daily treatments over a one week period.

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