Television Coverage of Press Conference, LMC/Heart Foundation Donate Money to State Police


Lovelace Medical Center and the Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation is donating thousands to State Police to save more lives.  Lovelace Medical Center and the foundation Tuesday contributed $15,000 so police can purchase automated external defibrillators. AED units are about the size of a laptop computer and can help restart the heart by delivering an electrical shock to a victim of a heart attack.  A cardiologist from the New Mexico Heart Institute says rapid action increases a person's survival rate tremendously. "Every minute of delay decreases every person's chance of survival by 10 percent if they do not reach treatment,” cardiologist Jay Tiongson said.

State police plan to deliver the new AED's to officers in rural areas first, where waiting time for rescue workers are usually longer.


We were there today as a generous donation was made to State Police that will ultimately save lives. Lovelace Medical Center and the Heart Hospital gave State Police 15 thousand dollars. The donation will go toward buying defibrillators. The devices give electrical shocks to people suffering from heart attacks. Robert Shilling: “minutes and seconds count during a cardiac event and in rural New Mexico we're out and about in those parts of the state and that's going to be our targeted deployment." State Police say the money will help put 100 defibrillators in patrol cars around New Mexico.


The New Mexico State Police Department gets a donation for equipment that could save lives. Lovelace Medical Center and the Heart Hospital of New Mexico Foundation donated 15 thousand dollars to help State Police replace batteries and pads in its defibrillators. The devices can deliver an electrical shock to a heart attack victim and will be in patrol cars. A donation especially important for rural New Mexico. Robert Shilling, “We cover a lot of rural parts of the state and we can get to the scene before EMS can and administer this device and save a life then it's worth every red cent spent.” Chief Robert Shilling says at any given time 50 to 100 of the devices will be in a state police car patrolling rural New Mexico.


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