Don’t Bug Me Flu Campaign
KOAT, KLUZ, KOB-TV October 30, 2013

Lovelace Health System held its 5th Annual “Don’t Bug Me” flu event in October at Adobe Acres Elementary School. More than 40 third-graders learned proper hand-washing techniques and received information on flu prevention from health professionals, including an Albuquerque Public Schools nurse. There was also a demonstration on how germs spread with Glo Germ and a black light.  The...
Lovelace Women's Hospital Ranked #3 of Top Places to Work
KOAT October 29, 2013

A huge honor for Lovelace Women's Hospital. It's been ranked 3rd in the country by Modern Health Care's 100 Best Places to Work for 2013. Selection is based on information provided from both employers and employees. Lovelace Women's Hospital is the only hospital in New Mexico recognized by the magazine.KOAT
Halloween Safety Tips with Dr. Rebecca Webb
KOAT October 28, 2013

Interview with Dr. Rebecca Webb, Lovelace Westside Hospital Dr. Rebecca Webb tells Action 7 News that Halloween hygiene starts at the costume store. She wants parents to know they should be picky about what kids try on. "Anything that contacts your skin can irritate your skin," she explained. "It can also infect it with bacteria." For that reason, Webb says kids shouldn't try masks or headpieces...
Lovelace Medical Group Women's Health Group Opens
KLUZ, KOB-TV October 25, 2013

Lovelace celebrates the opening of the Lovelace Medical Group Women’s Health Center with a ribbon-cutting event on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 10 a.m. at the Medical Pavilion at Lovelace Women’s Hospital, 4705 Montgomery Blvd NE, Suite 301-302, 727-4500.   KLUZ Story   KOB-TV Story
New Lovelace Women's Health Center Opens
Mid-Heights Messenger October 25, 2013

The Lovelace Medical Group Women’s Health Center opened on Wednesday, next to the Lovelace Women’s Hospital. Several new physicians and midwives had appointments with patients starting the next morning. The opening ceremonies started at 10:00 a.m. on the third floor of the east wing. Visitors can find the hospital and this new facility on Montgomery Boulevard Northeast, just east of...