Gadget Pain: The New Frontier

ABQ Journal June 11, 2012

The seemingly ubiquitous technology-laden gadgets that have made managing our lives and leisure time so easy are also to blame for a number of ailments that now sport quaint nicknames, such as “text neck,” “computer vision syndrome,” “Blackberry thumb,” “iPad elbow, “iPod ear” and “Facebook chin.” According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 3,200 injuries associated with...

Lovelace Regional Hospital-Roswell Names New CEO

Roswell Daily Record June 08, 2012

The latest addition to the Lovelace Health System family has found its patriarch. Lovelace Regional Hospital-Roswell has named Lloyd Scarrow as its new chief executive officer. “It was an opportunity that was just serendipitous to what I was ready for in terms of a new challenge,” Scarrow said. Scarrow comes to Lovelace from Advanced Surgical Hospital in Washington, Penn., where he served as CEO...

Fifty is Nifty

ABQ Journal June 02, 2012

    Now that 50 is the new 40 (or is it 30?) we checked in with six Albuquerque residents celebrating this year. From surprise parties to quiet contemplation, celebrations ranged widely but they all had one thing in common — 50 is big but it sure doesn’t feel old. Finding balance     When he turns 50 on Nov. 5, Mayor Richard J. Berry won’t have a mid-life crisis —...

Adelante opens document shredding, imaging center

New Mexico Business Weekly May 31, 2012

By Megan Kamerick, Senior Reporter Adelante Development Center Inc. marked another milestone in its steady growth with the official opening of its new secure document center May 31. “Behind us is the building that created 110 jobs,” said Mike Kivitz, CEO and president of Adelante. “Most of the employees have significant disabilities, but they want to work. Otherwise, they would require our tax...

Carrots and Sticks

Albuquerque Journal May 27, 2012

Employers increasingly incentivize good health with cash prizes, contests Walk for an hour a day, get $200 from your employer. Go for an annual checkup, get a $10 gift card. Indulge in tobacco, pay an extra $20 a month for health insurance. Companies including several major employers in the Albuquerque area are increasingly using carrots and sticks to induce their workers to more closely...