About Us

Lovelace Health System is comprised of Lovelace Medical Center, Heart Hospital of New Mexico at Lovelace Medical Center, Lovelace Rehabilitation Hospital, Lovelace Women's Hospital, Lovelace Westside Hospital, Lovelace Regional Hospital-Roswell, and Lovelace Medical Group/Southwest Medical Associates.

Lovelace Health System continues to make significant investments in new services and technologies. And, investing in your health means serving you and your loved ones with quality, compassionate care. That’s why we continue to support and give back to the community through donations, volunteer time and our taxes. We also provide more than 3,700 fellow residents with jobs, making Lovelace Health System one of the largest employers in the state. Lovelace is proud to be the best place to care and be cared for.

2014 Stats:

• Employees: 3,669
• Emergency Department visits: 98,251
• Surgeries: 20,280
• Inpatient admissions: 23,248
• Newborn admissions: 4,208
• Outpatient visits: 233,298
• Number of beds: 606
• Salary/wages: $205,177,696
• Capital investments: $6,291,540
• Property taxes: $1,901,815
• Taxes: $3,717,560
• Charitable contributions & community support: $753,888
• Uncompensated care, inpatient and outpatient: $56.5 million
Since 2003, more than $350 million has been invested into Lovelace facilities, services and technology.

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