Health Care Volunteer Appreciation Week – Thank you!

Author Elizabeth Berg simply states, “There is incredible value in being of service to others.” For those who volunteer know, they often receive more than they give. We celebrate all our Lovelace volunteers, who so graciously give of their time and talents, this Health Care Volunteer Appreciation Week and recognize their dedication to our patients, visitors and staff. Thank you for all you do!

100 Hours of Service

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Laura Anaya

Rachel Denedittis

Gaylene Harms 

Lovelace Women’s Hospital 

Bryana Saxton

Oksana Vivchar

Lovelace Medical Center

Corin Akhil

Andy Nguyen


250 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Milly Conti

Heather Coronado

Don McLaen

Betty Thompson

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Sydney Bardouche

Felo Cortez

Jennifer Jaramillo

Joe Mack

Jeanette Valdez


500 Hours

Kitty Danzilio

Aubrey Mainland

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Betty Carino

Denise Farr

Georgia West


750 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Ted Nowicki

Judy Pekarek


1000 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Cathy Collins

Vi Ortega


1500 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Amber Acosta

Rick Bernards

Dorothy Parker


2000 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Peggy Acosta

Stella Barela

Edith Doty

Daphne Harpin

Mary Wentz

Lovelace Medical Center

Sandra Romero

Priscilla Sanchez


2500 Hours 

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Saundra Bernards

Vonnie Crutchfield

Bernie Weber

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Dolores Farquer


3000 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Ann Larowe

Hilda Mignone

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Else Tasseron


4000 Hours 

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Joanne Thornton

Bill Thornton


4500 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

John Wade


5500 Hours

Lovelace Women’s Hospital

Ginger Ganschow

Betty Ingland


6000 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Mark Taylor


11,000 Hours

Lovelace Westside Hospital

Audrey Stern


15,500 Hours

Lovelace Medical Center 

Bridget Ann Vail

Lovelace Regional Hospital - Roswell

Carol Oas

Lorraine Krohn

Alberta Curry

Tarleton Curry

Marilyn Castello

Tony Imburgia

Alice Imburgia

Leticia Mooney


Volunteer Feature – John Wade, 4500 Hours at Lovelace Westside Hospital

John Wade volunteers in the surgical department at Lovelace Westside Hospital. He has a long history of giving of his time and talents, volunteering in many different capacities.  Being a very happy and active person, John loves being involved with his community by volunteering. He has donated more than 4500 hours to Lovelace Westside Hospital.

When John first came on board at Lovelace Westside Hospital, he volunteered a minimum of two days per week in our ER. There, he not only was able to help in the traditional volunteering duties, but without hesitation and with great eagerness, learned many more tasks where staff and patients could benefit from his assistance.  Once he had mastered that department, looking for a new challenge, John moved to the pre and post-op area of the surgical department. There, he has, once again, made the position his own and made himself a highly valuable member of the surgical services team. The staff and patients of the OR have come to appreciate that each time he works, they know they will receive the “above and beyond” service for which he is so well known.

-Tina Lockwood,

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