Introducing Labor of Love

Recently Lovelace Health System introduced a new program to expectant mothers in New Mexico called Labor of Love.  Through this free program, members can enjoy not only no cost perks, such as prenatal yoga classes and mommy message to name a few, but also the peace of mind that someone is continually helping them through the process from finding an obstetrician, assistance with health insurance, planning where they will deliver, and making sure their needs are being met.

“The joy and excitement our moms radiate is intoxicating,” Kym Halliday Clear, Supervisor Care Management and Labor of Love, shares of working with members.  “They are so excited to be pregnant; whether it’s the first time or the 5th time their happiness is contagious,” she adds.  Kym is not only the first voice Labor of Love expectant moms hear when they call about the program; she is the one who guides members through hospital tours, answers questions about health insurance, and stays with them throughout their pregnancy.


What the Buzz is All About

Prior to launching Labor of Love on a large scale, Halliday Clear and her team worked introduced the program as a pilot to a small group of patients.  It didn’t take long to see that pilot program was a success.  Realizing the need for these services, Labor of Love was officially opened to any expectant mother a few months ago and has received a positive response from the community.  “Our program is unique to the region, as are our women’s care services,” Halliday Clear explains. “Our reception has been warm and positive from our clients and their families,” she adds.

Who Can Join

Labor of Love is available to all pregnant mothers, regardless of insurance plan, provider, or birthing plan.  The only requirement for members is pregnancy, but members can be early in their pregnancy or near delivery when they join.  The unique aspect of this program is that is can be tailored to needs and desires of each member.  Expectant mothers can enjoy as much or as little of the program as they wish.  Halliday Clear is with them every step of the way, “Some of our mom’s join just for the free Prenatal Yoga program, other moms join for the full experience from initial contact through after delivery support groups.”

The Delivery Plan

One of Halliday Clear’s favorite aspects of Labor of Love is sharing several birthing options with members.  From the natural births with water labor and delivery to dedicated surgical suites and the ability to walk the halls during labor while safely monitoring contractions and baby’s heart rate through special telemetry monitors, a full range of delivery options are available.  Labor of Love supports the birthing centers at Lovelace Women’s Hospital, Lovelace Women’s on the Westside, and Lovelace Regional Hospital – Roswell.
“Our staff members are skilled, compassionate and dedicated to helping these growing families through the transition of adding a new child to the household,” Halliday Clear shares.  “The perks we offer through Labor of Love,” she adds, “demonstrate to the community that Lovelace goes the extra mile to meet and exceed their needs.

If you or someone you know is interested in Labor of Love, please call 505-727-7677 or email   You may also complete our online contact form here.

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