Low C-Section Rates at Lovelace Women's Hospital

Lovelace Women’s Hospital has one of the lowest C-section rates in the country.  Dr. Abraham Lichtmacher, Chief of Women's Services, “The national rate is about 33 percent, Lovelace Women’s Hospital so far this year, we're about at 17 percent so traditionally we've had one of the lowest cesarean rates in New Mexico as well as nationally."  According to the national average, eight in ten women in New Mexico have their children naturally. Dr. Lichtmacher says natural births are not only safer than C-sections, they also reduce recovery time. We talked with one mother who delivered less than 24 hours ago on her experience having her child naturally. Amy McKee/mother: “I had a natural birth, everybody was really supportive and attentive, they coached me through it.” She says when having her child, she thought long and hard on what would work best for her and her family.  “I did a lot of research” said McKee, who says if she expands her family further she will do a natural birth again.


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