New CEO Has Big Plans for LRH

Although he’s only been on the job for a week, Lloyd Scarrow has big plans for Lovelace Regional Hospital-Roswell. The newly named CEO said he’s noticed a need for greater access to primary care, not just in Roswell, but in surrounding areas as well. His first goal is to increase the number of primary care homes.

We want to create as many new medical homes as possible, he said. People will have an individual practitioner or provider that is basically who they’re assigned to for the maintenance of their care and coordination of their routine health examination.

He went on to discuss the need to expand the hospitals’ tertiary level of care to treat beyond emergency response. Take for example, cardiac services. Right now, the facility currently offers what Scarrow referred to as “elective cardiac services,” which include diagnostic testing, cardiovascular surgery and inpatient rehabilitation. Scarrow would like to expand services to include interventional services such as angioplasties and responses to cardiac blockage.

LRH is making strides to expand in other departments. He noted a urologist will join the staff in the near future.

Though new to this particular area, Scarrow is no stranger to the Southwest. He has worked in Santa Fe, Arizona and Texas and said Roswell seemed very familiar to him.

“The area here is actually like coming back home for me in terms of Western demographics,” he said. “And actually seeing at least 330 days of sunlight of year.”

As soon as he gets the lay of the land, Scarrow said he plans on targeting needs within the community and creating programs to serve the people better. “People don’t really care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

Roswell Daily Record

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