Project You: Making Space for Mom

Have you ever felt like the world is waiting for results at all hours of the day and every day of the week? Well, I have. The fast-paced world that we live in can sometimes take over our time and attention. It is so easy, as a mother or parent, to get tangled up in the web of demands. The old adage “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” is actually true. If we forget to take time for ourselves, we won’t be able to perform at the peak of our abilities when our kids need us most. If you feel like the world is weighing on your shoulders:

Believe it or not, sometimes slowing down will actually make you a more productive person.

Since we are constantly on the go, it is easy to get burnt out and fast. However, if we allow ourselves time to recoup and gather our thoughts, we can take on the day with a strong start and finish. One really easy way to make this happen is to make yourself a time and space to be alone. This means no kiddos or their belongings and, interruptions only happen in an emergency. This “space” can come in many different forms because we are all individuals with different needs but you can make this a fun project:

Project YOU.

I was able to accomplish this by setting up a home gym and a reading corner in the sunlight.  You can try making an office into a lounge space or a corner of your room or yard into your refuge. This doesn’t have to cost you anything, just a bit of your time to arrange a space the way you’d like. (See *Think Outside the Box ) Some tips to make your space and time useful:

·       Make it accessible. Don’t hide it away in a closet or corner you can’t reach or you won’t use it.

·       Visit your space often, even daily.

·       Keep it clutter-free.

·       Make it your own by decorating with your favorite things.

·       Set out to accomplish a personal goal, like reading a book.

Once you are able to get your space set up, plan to spend time there each day, even if it is only 10 minutes. Set up boundaries with your family so that your space stays your own. This can help you to recharge your brain and body and allow you to feel like your own person. When you feel like you’ve rested, you can get back to your family and do your best to meet their needs. 

This blog post was written by Breastfeeding Educator Natalie Swart CLE, CLC,  mother of two and Labor of Love contributor Dana Chandler CHW.

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