Ready to start eating healthy and not sure where to start?

The key is to consume the right amount of calories from the right kinds of foods to support your activity level. Activity levels determine how many calories a day you can eat without gaining weight. If you are not moving much or expending much energy, you will want to decrease your calories to prevent those pounds from creeping up.

Some tips for healthy food choices include:

·       Focus on adding healthy foods, rather than just taking away unhealthy foods.

·       Enjoy indulgences less frequently or in smaller portions.

·       One way to fool your brain into feeling satisfied with smaller portions is to use smaller plates. This encourages moderate serving sizes.

In addition, making your own meals can support healthy eating habits. You’ll consume 20 to 40 percent fewer calories from your home cooked meal over a restaurant meal. When eating out, you cannot know exactly what you are eating. You can see the meats and vegetables that are used to prepare your meal, but you may not know what ingredients go into the sauces and seasoning. If you prepare your own food at home, you will know exactly what you are eating. This is especially important if you are allergic to certain foods or counting calories. If you eat at home, you can choose your own low-fat or low-calorie ingredients. An extra bonus is that making a meal together provides a great opportunity for quality time with your loved ones.

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Submitted by Kym Halliday Clear, RN / Manager Outpatient Programs, Lovelace Women’s Hospital. 

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