Skip the ER? Treating Foot and Ankle Wounds in the Clinic

Accidents and injuries happen. In fact, injuries to the foot and ankle are happening more often as our aging population continues to lead active lifestyles. However, with 7 to 10 percent of Emergency Department visits attributed to ankle sprains, health care providers say more people need to know there is usually no need to wait in the Emergency Department for these injuries, which can be effectively treated in the clinic.  “Most foot and ankle injuries are initially treated by the ED and then referred to podiatry,” says podiatrist Dr. David Sotelo. “By coming to see us they avoid a second medical appointment and an ED co-pay.”

A full range of services are available in the clinic to diagnose and treat foot and ankle wounds, says Dr. Sotelo. “All types of foot and ankle injuries, acute and chronic, can be treated in our office,” he explains. “We have in-house radiology (X-ray), medical laboratory services, as well as casting and splinting abilities.”

Lovelace Medical Group podiatrists, Dr. David Sotelo and Dr. John Panek, provide podiatry care for the following injuries:

Ankle and foot fractures

Ankle and foot sprains

Basic and complex deformaties

Lower extremity foot and ankle trauma

Diabetic infection and wounds

Hammer toes


Flat Feet

Arthritic joints

Ingrown nails

Heel pain

Arch pain

Not all injuries occur during regular business hour, however. Instead of heading to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care after hours, Dr. Sotelo and Dr. Panek are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone. 

Lovelace Medical Group podiatrists are located on the Westside at 4420 Irving Blvd, NW or on the Northside at 6100 Pan American Fwy NE.  Please call 505.823.1010 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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