Tech benefits medical offices

By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer 

Doctors are slamming money down on Seamless Medical Systems’ new iPad-based system for patient care.

The Santa Fe startup, which began marketing its software to hospitals and clinics in January, is about to close on a new, $1.5 million round of investment from 25 individual, or “angel,” investors, about a third of whom are practicing physicians, said Seamless Medical founder and CEO David Perez.

In addition, a dozen medical practices have signed up to use the software service, called SNAP, and the company is brokering partnerships with electronic medical-record companies to recruit customers nationwide.

“I think it’s going to change the way we practice medicine,” said Dr. Hala Toubbeh, a gastroenterologist at Lovelace Women’s Hospital in Albuquerque who invested in the company.

The software, which began selling on the Apple App Store on Jan. 9, allows patients to fill out all medical information and forms on iPads provided by receptionists while they wait to see doctors. The information is automatically added to patients’ medical records, including consent and insurance forms with digital signatures.

“That will reduce error in information transmission and increase efficiency while significantly reducing the cost of health care,” Toubbeh said.

Mark Ackley, an 18-year veteran health-care executive in New Mexico who helps manage hospitals and clinics, said the software can greatly improve doctor’s visits for patients. Personally relevant health information appears on iPads as patients fill out forms. They can then browse online magazines and play electronic games in the waiting room, and can take the iPad into examination rooms to take notes and email it to themselves.

“It’s way more than just another software package to make doctor’s offices more efficient,” Ackley said. “It adds real value to the patient experience by sharing and offering direct access to relevant health-care information.”

Seamless Medical charges clinics for each time a patient uses the software, offering recurring monthly revenue for the company. Customers so far include medical practices in New Mexico, Alabama, Missouri, Texas and Oregon, Perez said. And the company expects by June to sign enough distribution deals with electronic record firms to give access to 200,000 medical providers.

Seamless Medical raised $500,000 from five angel investors last year, bringing total investment in the company to $2 million. The new funds will support an aggressive marketing and sales campaign. The company now employs 20 people.

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