Toddler Dies in Car

In light of a recent tragedy involving a toddler, Dr. Lance Wilson, Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Lovelace Medical Center, was interviewed for a segment on KOB-TV.

Tonight family members are calling it an accident, after a 19 year old woman left her nephew in a hot car outside a daycare where she works. The two year old was found dead in his car seat hours later. Mike Daniels has been following this story.

The family’s heart is broken and so are the employees behind me here at Precious Moments Daycare. I spoke with the some of the family today. While they didn’t want to go on camera, I’m told they are supporting the Aunt 100 percent. At a place normally filled with happy children, the Precious Moment Daycare in Albuquerque was closed for the day. The sign on the door says they are closed to let employees mourn. Sandra Rodriguez is an employee at the daycare. Yesterday morning she picked up her nephew at her sister’s house like she’s done for the past 5 months. She took him to the daycare where she works. But on this morning, she forgot him in the car. Her family was in the courtroom this afternoon and the 19 year old pleaded not guilty to child abuse resulting in death. The little boy strapped in his carseat had been in the car for 8 hours before being found unresponsive. Dr. Wilson: “Within 20 minutes it can get to be 120 degrees inside a car.” The last time this happened 27 year old Stephanie Pinon left her 3 year old in a van. Temperatures reached 135 degrees. The toddler in the car died. Dr. Wilson, “Sitting in a car seat or a regular seat you lose surface area in your back and legs which makes it hard to dissipate heat and its difficult to cool off.” The judge has set a 50 thousand dollar cash bond.


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