Lovelace Medical Group

Lovelace Medical Group provides patients with exceptional care with the support of Lovelace Health System. Lovelace is invested in bringing the best people, providers and technology together to ensure patients receive the best care possible.

The true value of a medical group is understood when you need multiple doctors working together for your health. Lovelace Medical Group providers are committed to quality and the delivery of compassionate health care. The group is comprised of skilled providers practicing in a variety of specialties who embrace advanced medical care. With locations throughout Albuquerque & Roswell, you can find a clinic close to home.

Lovelace Medical Group providers work closely with our hospitals and our health care partners to benefit patients through better coordination of care, improved communication between facilities and providers, and improved patient flow throughout our comprehensive health system.

Lovelace Medical Group providers accept most major insurance plans. Click here for a complete list of insurances we accept.

Lovelace Medical Group offers the following clinical and hospital-based services:

“Lovelace Medical Group strives to meet the needs of our community. We have over 75 providers practicing in Albuquerque and Roswell, including primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and specialists, such as OB-GYNs, certified nurse midwives and surgeons. Additionally, Lovelace Medical Group has added primary care clinics, women’s services clinics and specialty services clinics in Albuquerque and Roswell. We look forward to continuing to provide high quality health care to New Mexicans.”

John Cruickshank, D.O.,MBA, CPE
Chief Medical Officer,
Lovelace Health System

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